My Photobook is finished!

After a request from my Mum, I put together a photo book from my 2010-2012 adventures in aurora photography! It was a long road to get it done, but pushed through to get a good deal! ;) Love how it all came together! Here is the finished book!


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The new way to make a photo album: photo books by Shutterfly.



Aurora & a Full Moon

Went out for a little rest and relaxation this weekend to Clear Lake, MB! While there I received several aurora alerts and knew Sunday night was going to be a great night!

The weather forecast looked good as well, despite a quick rain shower at dinner time! Als brother, his wife and my neices all hoped into our vehicles and drove about 20 minutes to a nearby campground! My brother in law had a deer side swipe their vehicle about half way there, scary moment, but both deer and vehicle made it out ok!

An almost full moon created lots of light, as there was no need for flashints, except for a little light painting!  We had a great show for the first 1/2 hour, then the moon started to take over. At times it was a little hard to see the colours coming through, but they were dancing feverishly!  I could only imagine what they would have been like without the bright moon! Al and I stayed out till about 1:10am and then headed back home to Winnipeg. I watched them dance till about 4:30am from the passengers seat of the car, then they seemed to quiet down from there!

120930202815-4431-Edit copy

120930202722-4427-Edit copy

120930125147-6500-Edit-2 copy

120930113408-6306-Edit copy

120930112536-6286-Edit copy

120930110844-6249 copy

120930103420-6221-Edit copy
120930102330-6202-Edit copy
120930102541-6205-Edit copy

These are just a few of my favorites! More can be found on My Flickr Account!

 Also a timelapse video can be watched right here! A view from the shoreline!