March 15, 2012 Aurora Timelapse

Finished the timelapse from Thursday night...

Best viewed in 1280 x 720, select the gear on the bar at the bottom of the video and select the quality.



March 15th Auroras

Another crazy late night, but I call it LIVING!

Loving these flares that are causing such beautiful and stormy skies! The lights were a little slow to start, mainly because of one band of cloud cover that cleared near midnight. A beautiful night (in the + degree temps)proved to be a success, was a great night with a few members of the Manitoba Foto Friends Forum! The coyotes and owls made their presence known by howling and hooting into the night! Those coyotes sounded like they were getting closer and closer, but a good thing they did not show up in person! ;) Think it is time to invest in some bear spray for these late night jaunts!

Here are a few from the night, I plan on working on the timelapse this weekend and should have something by Monday. There was lots of movement in the sky, so think it will look awesome!!

1) One of my favs of the night! So many spikes!

2) Love the fisheye! Thanks again for the sale Dave!

3) Nice line of Aurora!

4) One of the last of the night, TONS of reds!

More can be seen by going to my flickr page.

A SUPER week of aurora shooting

How crazy am I? Well three nights of chasing the geo storm this past week has left me desperately needing sleep and fighting a cold! What we wont do to get our pictures! lol

We were promised amazing displays of northern lights based on all the solar flare and radiation activity happening in the atmosphere! However, so many different factors have to be in place to see them when they are at a storm peak. 2/3 nights proved to be too cloudy to see them clearly, but on the 3rd night out we were treated to a beautiful display! Our first stop was to the usual place at Sandy Bay, where we could definitely see green, but the full moon was SO bright that it was difficult to see. So at close to midnight we decided to pack it in (since we were chilled at the minus 20 degree Celsius plus the winds).

After about 10 mins into driving home, Robert noticed the bright northerns dancing to the right of us. We decided to pull over and setup once more! An amazing display!! There seemed to be a central vine it constantly drew energy from, you can see this in the second video below. What a night!

Hope you enjoy and if anyone is interested in purchasing a print, please contact me at

1) Wow, have not seen the pinks, yellows and greens since I was up in Thompson! You could see them clear as day! And WOW what a dance they put on!!



3) The crew out at Sandy Bay! Robert, Dave and Anne...someone had to stay behind the camera! ;)




There are going to be some AMAZING NORTHERN LIGHTS tonight, stay tuned for pics!