St.Lucia Day 1

Well I am finally getting to processing my pictures from St.Lucia. Here is the start of them including the trip to Toronto and the flight to St.Lucia!

1) The Jazz plane very similar to the one we were on waiting to take off!


2) Winnipeg downtown from the air

3) Toronto downtown during landing

4) In the air

 5) Somewhere over the ocean on our way to St.Lucia

6) A view of the carribian from the air.

7) Excited to go snorkeling, we watched the on board Marine video!

8) Landing in St .Lucia

St.Lucia Zip Line Run

Zip Lining in St. Lucia

A Day at the Park! For the Birds

Well my first REAL bird pics! I went to St Vital park last night and absolutely LOVED the action of the birds...I am hooked! What behaviour! It was amazing to watch! I saw 2 ducks scrapping and some showing off and pure love! Gotta love spring!









5)Love! reminds me of an old couple watching the sunset!




7)I think I was being warned!


8)Love the water splash around its head!


9)Ha ha this one was giving his mate some flack about something! He charged her and then was quite calm after the squaking!


Doughnut Thief

Today was an indoor day doing several things! During one of my many breaks from processing my trip pictures I made doughnuts! Only once they were made I found trouble...a thief! There right in the middle of my fresh baked doughnuts I found something trying to steal my doughnuts!!!


#1 My Doughnuts

#2 The Thief has been spotted

#3 Oh No! The thief got a doughnut!!!

Plane Light Show

On our way back from Montreal yesterday it was pretty late and since I was using a Point and Shoot camera in the plane, it was really hard to get a decent steady shot without using a tripod. So what did I do? I had fun with the light, here are some of the experiments with lights at the airport!

Greetings from St Lucia

Hi All,

It has been has been a great vacaction! We have both done a lot and seen a lot on our little adventure! From seeing the drive in volcano with all its bubbling gases to the beatiful botanical gardens to the Diamond waterfall with water tempuratures equal to body tempurature to snorkeling in the ocean to zip lining 150 feet over the tropical rain forest to a beautiful beach wedding to deepn sea fishing and EVERYTHING in between! The food at Sandals Regency has been very flavourful and amazing as well. We have eaten like a King and Queen with Filet Minon that is to die for almost every night!

We were able to see some of the culture and learn about the island and its people. On one of our tours we were each given different fruit fresh from the trees. :) Yum! The mango and cocoa beans were SOOOOO good! There are 169,000 people living on the island and all of them live on the exterior of the island. Most of the interior is lush rainforest and park land.

Here are a few pictures from the resort and zip lining adventures. I will try to post the zip line video as soon as I can!

One of the several pools at the resort


My new little lizard freind :)

One of the suspension bridges during the zip lining