Weekend of Fun and Adventures

What an eventful and beautiful Saturday and Sunday!
Started Saturday off with the Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre volunteers, Manitoba Foto Friends and some BEAUTIFUL birds including: Great Grey Owl, Great Horned Owl, Burrowing Owl, Peregrine Falcon and a Kestrel! This organization is amazing!

1) Great Horned Owl
2) Burrowing Owl, Love this little owl!
3) Great Grey Owl

Managed to get some dinner in then quickly head to the St.Andrews Airport for some aerial shots! Thanks to Robert for the opportunity! Fran and I were soaring 1500 feet above the Selkirk area taking pics!
Picture this...little cessna, window wide open, camera sticking out window...click, click, click...Yikes!!!  Good thing there was a strap around my neck attached to the cameras as it was VERY windy! lol

Here are some of the Selkirk Grass Fires and a few from the Lockport area!
4) Look close on the bottom right and you can see the itty bitty firemen working away! Really puts into perspective how big this fire was!
5) Lower Fort Garry!
6) Lockport Bridge


Sunday was another busy day processing and met with a beautiful couple today and booked a wedding for September 2012! Cant wait! Looking forward to their beach side engagement shoot in July as well! Stay tuned!

Aurora - April 23/24 - An Eventful Night

Last night started off like any other night, home from work, dinner, feed the fish, etc. THEN I received an email alert letting me know it was going to be a night to remember and the Kp was going to be High! So a few of us from the Manitoba Foto Friend Forum got together and headed out 1.25 hours to Sandy Bay, MB! One of my favorite spots as we have (almost) always had good luck at this spot!

To start the night off I braved the icy Manitoba lake and strapped on my rubber boots and waded in the cold water! It actually warmed up once I was in the water...until I got a boot full of the ice water early in the evening! lol, it was ALL worth it though!

Then, while wading in the water about 1/2 a foot from my camera a fish jumped...not just a little fish either! Scared the daylights out of me! Of course I screamed like a little girl! lmao! I havent laughed so hard in a long time...if you cant laugh at yourself... :D

Around 1 am I noticed a huge green line of aurora over the tree line, as I turned to notify the others, my not so strategically placed tripod, camera and lens toppled over into the water! Ahhh! No screaming...pure silence of shock!  I quickly rescued the camera, dried it off and checked things out...ALL OK! OMG, so scary! lol I can say that Nikon has AMAZING product quality, I am SOLD!

Shortly after we had a 10 minute burst of AMAZING spikes and colours and dancing! Something you would not imagine to be in Southern Manitoba! I was in pure awe!

 Was an amazing night with some great friends! Cant wait to do this in Iceland 2013! But for now I must catch up on sleep!

Timelapse (If you like it, please share it!) :)

Here are a few from the night, if you are interested in any prints of the following or other images please contact me by emailing at contact@signatureexposures.com

1) One of my favs of the night! So many COLOURS!

2) Spring Silhouette

3) Aurora Corona! Love these colours!

4) Relax!



More can be seen by going to my flickr page.