Winnipeg Storms

Wow what a downpour last night! Our window well was completely filled up and leaking into the basement! What a mess. Hearing from a few others I know it sounds like there was quite a bit damage to homeowners around Winnipeg! I hope all that read this doesnt have anything major!

So when noticing the storm and being stuck in the house all day I decided to get out!! I drove south east to St.Adolphe where I sat on the edge of the storm and got a few pics. Then I noticed further west there was more lightning and more interesting colours. Just over St.Agathe there was some very texturized clouds and further east is where I found an interesting cloud structure...this is what is pictured below. When taking the pics I noticed it was changing rapidly but I didnt really realize what I had on camera till this afternoon and now I am curious as to what it is...if anything! It was a last minute decision that I am glad I made!
I am going to send this to the local weather channels to see if they can tell me anything as it almost looks like an upside down funnel cloud to me. Do such things exist?

1) Clouds over St.Agathe.

2) The cloud formation 1 look at the left side...this is where it starts

3) The cloud formation 2

4) The cloud formation 3

5) The cloud formation 4


6) The cloud formation 5

7) The cloud formation 6

8) The cloud formation 7

St Vital Park Tonight...the Goslings are out!

I decided to go out to St Vital park tonight in the hopes there were some goslings out. A little disappointed that there were none to be found on the pond, but then I spotted some in the grass and was very happy!! I kept my distance of course, but they were a little spooked (I think by some others around), so off to the nest for them.
They came back again and I was very lucky to be right in their line of sight, so I squated, stayed very still and waited! They came right up next to me! 

1)  My favorite out of the set



4) Running to catch up with the others


6) This little one hung out with Mom, making sure to not stray far



9) Spooked by the Dogs it was time to hurry up and make a run for it!


11) Family pic! 12 that is one big family!


12) Single Line now!!!

FWA - May 8th

I had such a great time last weekend, that once again I headed over to Fort Whyte Center! It is so peaceful walking watching for birds and good company!


If you have never been there, you should visit! Enjoy the wildlife and the trails!

A pair of blue winged teal ducks!


A lone turtle his friends came out later!


I found this little chickadee having a snack! If you look close you can see his little tongue!

A little white throated sparrowshowing off for us! :)


Hope you enjoyed this round of wildlife. Hoping the goslings are out next weekend! :)

Fort Whyte Alive Today

Went out with a few members of the Winnipeg Photo Community today to the Fort Whyte Alive center here in Winnipeg. It was a very successful day! We saw some deer and a muskrat as well as several variety of birds (and their eggs) and waterfowl. Here are some of my pics from the day! Hope you enjoy!

1) Geese Eggs, the female laid her eggs VERY close to the path! I just hope she does not get spooked by the people walking by!

2) One of my favs from the day, this is the mother of the eggs above.


4) A squirrel was showing off for us as well! He wanted his picture taken too!

5) The muskrat that we came across! He was very hungry!



7) Getting an ear full from her mate!

 8) A red winged black bird


9) Mother keeping her eggs warm!


10)  My pano of the nice reflection!