Red River Ex Fireworks and Rides

Went out to the Winnipeg Red River Ex last night with a group from the local photo community! Had a blast getting some great pics of the rides as well as the Fireworks that were cancelled from the previous weekend! Hope you enjoy them!

1) My fav from the night





6) Starship 4000

7) Starship 4000

8) Pharaohs Fury

9) Fire Ball

10) Fire Ball

The Motkaluk Boys

Monday June 14, what a beautiful day to be taking portraits!

 I was lucky enough to have a photoshoot with a beautiful family, the Motkaluk family. Paula was kind enough to ask me to take some casual shotsof her 2 adorable sons, Luke and Thomas, for a present for her husband for Fathers day. So we headed out to St.Vital park for a evening photoshoot.

I had fun watching and shooting, while the boys feed bread to the geese and ducks. Luke loved it, however Thomas had other thoughts for the bread and was not willing to share with the birds! It was a good thing the bread was nice and fresh! :) heehee
After all the hard work of putting up with me and Mom coaching them on different poses, and where to go next, we headed to the park for a little fun and some more shots!  Was a great ending to a great photoshoot.

Here are some of my favorites from the evening.

1) A couple of Tree Huggers

2) Luke Climbing a tree


3) Thomas doing the same

4) Luke feeding the geese

5) Thomas watching the geese, while munching on some good bread


7) Luke hanging around upside down

8) Thomas being goofy

The Molnars

It has been a little bit since my last post, and since the weather has been so cloudy and rainy, I thought it would be a perfect time to catch up on some of my posts! This is not just any post, but this is one of my most recent portrait shoots with the Molnar Family!

Chris, Susie, Katie and Anna were kind enough to invite me into their home for a fun and casual portrait session! They were looking for a family portrait as well as personal and sisterly shots of the girls! Katie of course had her own ideas, which I just loved, one of her dancing pictures is featured below! 

So many favorites from the day, here are a few pictured below! Hope you enjoy and much as I did taking them with this wonderful family!

1) The Molnars

2) Katie

3) Anna

4) Katie Upside Down!

5) Katie and Anna...can you tell they are sisters? This is one of my favs! She is reaching out for a hug, but Anna`s face is priceless!

6) Katie and Anna

7) Chris mentioned that this one is one of his favorites! So here it is! Susie, I hope you enjoy it just as much!

8) And last but not least, Chris and Susie! <3