Cooking Up a Storm 2016


Since 2014 I have not tackled a full day of cooking. However, recently after moving to the country, getting home later and working out in the evenings it is harder and harder to get a healthy meal in. A friend recently made some frozen slow cooker meals which gave me the kick in the butt I needed to get this done!

There were several recipes that I made last time that I would make again...these were the 2 I DIDN'T like:


Chicken Marrakesh - found it too sweet with the sweet potatoes

 Tequila Lime Pork Tenderloin  - Just didn't like the flavours...maybe it was paired with something else properly like tacos or something...but wasn't a fan.

The rest were really good, but didn't re-make them all so I could try some new recipes.

Remakes from 2014 -

 Chicken Tortilla Soup - added black beans and green chilies (Tripled the recipe) - Add shredded cheese, crushed tortilla chips and a dollop of sour cream on top at time of serving.

 (made 3 packages)

 Mongolian Beef  - no changes - SOOO GOOOD! I cook rice and broccoli that evening. I break apart the beef and add the broccoli folding into the sauce. Serve over rice.

 (made 2 packages)

  Pineapple Salsa Chicken- no changes

 (made 3 packages with 5 chicken breasts each). Super easy to make even without freezing it! 3 ingredients make it yummy and easy!


I also made 5 bags of cooked ground beef. 3 of which were seasoned with Taco seasoning to easily pull out and make tacos or Taco Casserole


New recipes - haven't tried yet!

 Coconut Basil Chicken - The mixture of smells were amazing...cant wait to try this one! Made as directed

 (2 packages of 5 chicken breasts)


Chorizo Spiced Pulled Pork  - Made as directed

 (2 bags with 1.5 large pork tenderloins)


Sausage and Gnocchi Soup - Made as directed. Add Gnocchi when cooking.

 (3 packages)


Mushroom Stroganoff - I added 2 cut up chicken breasts as well in order add some additional protein

 (3 packages)


Pork Paprikash  - This is another one where the ingredients were surprising me, looking forward to trying it. Made it as directed.

 (3 packages with 1.5 large pork tenderloins)


Moroccan Lentil Stew- I wanted a vegetarian dish in case the neighbours or my niece came over! The kale was an interesting addition (never cooked with kale before). Will be interesting to try!

 (2 packages)


Chicken Caccaitore with Mushrooms- Not a fan of olives, so I will eliminate those from the recipe when cooking. .

 (2 packages)

Cooking up a Storm 2014

Normally I chase storms, but today I cooked one up (a storm that is) ...

 For those interested in the 40 meals in 4 was my version.

Sunday I spent about 1.5 hours planning WHAT I wanted to cook, then spent almost 2 hours shopping for all the ingredients. I had 2 store stops (Costco and Superstore).

Monday (today), I spent 8 hours cooking and cleaning...the result...over 60 meals. Happy I now have 2 months worth of meals I don’t have to worry about, especially during the busy summer months! 

I had a couple of requests for the recipes. Here they are and the changes I personally made. I haven’t tried them all I can’t guarantee the taste...just yet! 

 Pineapple Salsa Chicken - no changes ( Made 2 pkgs of 4 chicken breasts each)
Jumbalaya  - used spicy turkey sausage instead. Should add a nice extra spice.  (Made 3 bags - tripled the recipe)
Ribs - My own recipe (from Dad) - Boil them up with spices, add BBQ sauce concoction smother with BBQ and individually wrap them.

Borscht  (see recipe below).
Chicken Marrkesh - no changes (Doubled the recipe)
Red Curry Chicken - recipe calls for Green, I used Red Curry Paste instead!  (Doubled the recipe)
Pork Chili - no changes (Doubled the recipe)
Tequila Lime Pork Tenderloin - no changes (1 bag -  2 tenderloins)
Mongolian Beef  - no changes - smelled really good (Doubled the recipe into 2 bags)
Maple Dijon Chicken Thighs - no changes (Almost doubled the recipe - put about 12 thighs into one bag).
Chicken Tortilla Soup - added black beans and green chilies (Doubled the recipe) Will add the cheese and tortilla chips and a dollop of sour cream at time of serving.
Stuffed Peppers - Added extra veggies (spinach and mushrooms) (Will purchase fresh peppers when I pull it out! Oh and I didn’t have rice on hand, so I will add that when I cook it! 

I also cut up a tube of Beef tenderloin (1/2 marinated in olive oil and spices 1/2 marinated in BBQ concoction) to pull out on a perfect BBQ day and I had 8 chicken thighs left over that I froze on their own.

All in all once I cook them and re-freeze the left overs I will have over 60 meals. All in all, well worth the effort!

I will cook all recipes on low for 6-8 hours.

Borscht recipe

2 medium beets peeled and cut into thin strips
1 Medium Carrot, chopped
1 medium Onion, chopped
1 cup chopped shredded cabbage
1 medium potato (peeled and chopped)
1/2 cup chopped celery
6 cups water (don’t add to bag, add when adding to slow cooker)


2 pkgs Beef Bouillon powder
1/2 cup boiling water (add bouillon to dissolve then add lemon juice - add whole thing to bag when cooled)
1 tsp dill weed
salt + pepper to taste
1 lb ground beef
1 cup frozen peas (add 1/2 hr prior to serving)

Add a dollop of sour cream when serving.

 The result (all but the tenderloin and leftover chicken thighs).


WInnipeg City Lights

Northern Lights showed up last night over Winnipeg!  (May 3, 2014)
When headnig to bed around 11pm last night I caught a glimpse of green out the window as I settled under the covers. My husband confirmed my suspicions and he told me to take some shots! I quickly grabbed the camera, removed the screen from the bedroom window and shot for about an hour.

They are not common to be so bright and active over the city since the lights cause so much pollution, but they were quite visible as you can see from the image below!

I was shooting at ISO 800, 4 seconds, f/4.

Winnipeg Lights



It has been a while since I last posted  to my blog, but am hoping to do more of that this year (Think I say that every year! Ha!)!

2013 was an exciting year photographically speaking and am looking forward to expanding my horizons in 2014 with more learning, marketing, storm chasing and meeting new people and clients!  Thank you to everyone who made 2013 a successful year for me and my business! Without out my clients, support of friends and family, it would not have been possible! 

As exciting as the year was, towards the end of 2013 I was craving something fun, new, different, creative and something of my own! After some research and inspiration online, my interest was peaked and I found figures!! So...since I don’t do things in small steps...I jumped in full bore and purchased a whole bunch of mini figures online (not cheap, but worth it)! After a busy Christmas season, I have finally been able to get into the swing of things and play around with these guys and gals and I gotta tell you they are a challenge, but they are SO much fun!

I have only just started getting into this genre of macro people and I realize how much I have to learn and grow in this area...not only lighting, processing, setup, angles, etc, but also patience and taking things slow! Knee pads are definitely on my next purchase list! lol Once we have nicer weather, I look forward to getting them outside and putting them through the paces in various outdoor scenes!

One other thing I have found with this new found love is I have to become very disciplined in deleting images I don’t want. I have already created over 20GB of files putting these guys in different lighting, angles and setups! In order to save on hard drive and back up drive space, it is definitely a requirement!!!

Even though I have not used them all yet, I have ordered a couple of more sets of these guys and there are so many more that I want! These little buggers are just as addictive as photography is!! So many ideas that need to come to fruition!
Keep an eye posted for more coming very soon!

Here are a few initial examples of the first ones I have put together!

1)  In these tight times, you really need to think about your money and watch what you spend! Money Man is a great reminder of this!

2) Olden Days! Reminds me of a loving couple on a warm fall evening in the country!


3) Hearts O’ Plenty! Ever wonder how they get those cinnamon hearts into the bag? Wonder no longer!


4) Manitoba Foto Friends! Our local photography group Manitoba Foto Friends inspired this one! :) 


Baby Foxes

In May 2013 in Winnipeg Manitoba, I took a stroll through one of Winnipegs forests with a good friend of mine! To my surprise and luck we came across a Fox den with 5 baby foxes. There were a few of them that came out to play and put on a show for the camera! 

At one point one of the foxes became interested in me and what I was doing and came within about 2 feet of me, before he decided playing was more important! They were adorable and acted much in the way kittens do, wagging the butt and tail before pouncing on his brother! Was fun to watch and shoot. Here are a few from that day!
































Print Options

After many inquiries, I took some shots of different options available to print my Aurora + Meteor image and other images.

Of course there are many other options available, but here are a few prints I had printed as examples including Satin, Metallic Paper, Metal Print (on aluminum) and Canvas!

The Canvas print is a custom size (12x24)! Custom sizes are available! Simply contact me for what you are looking for and I can provide a quote if it is possible to do!

All images are available for print! Contact me at or simply use my Contact Form!

 (Click on image to see a bigger image)

Aurora & Meteor - A night to remember


Thank you everyone for the kind words! I am overwhelmed and humbled by the response to the meteor image! If anyone is interested in prints, please send me an email to with what size, format (print, metallic print, mounted or canvas) and where they live to get accurate shipping charges.
At this time I will not be releasing a desktop background image, but may consider it in the future. If interested please email me.
Thanks Again!

WOW! What an incredible night!

I met a few members from a local astronomy club out at Patricia Beach Friday night with the hopes to see the Northern Lights! I got more than I bargained for!

As others were packing up, at 11pm, the Aurora were starting to make a real presence! I just happened to hit the shutter button and WOW there was a bright streak of blue light which turned bright green while the meteor exploded! It was quite the sight to see and even more exciting to have it all captured on my Nikon D800! Astronomy members were telling me just how special it was to see, even more so with the aurora and amazing to capture!

A shot of a lifetime for me, I am certain!

1) Aurora & a Meteor


 2) Aurora


 3) Aurora & Big Dipper


 Thanks for viewing! :)


Snowglobes galore!

For Christmas of 2012 I came across a great snowglobe template from The Sleeping Willow! I had a blast adding family, wedding and baby photos to the template! I have more "Manitoba" template examples in the works and plan on having Snowglobe Christmas Card session in Fall of 2013! Stay tuned, here are some examples!


paul and rachelle snowglobe5







Kinley's 2!!

After a very busy year, December marked my last session of 2012 with the sweetest little girl!

I have been photographing Kinley since she was 3 months old! What a cutie pie with such a quiet and angelic personality!

Every child her age can be a challenge to get a photo of and although Kinley challenged us, we managed to get some great photos to celebrate her 2nd birthday! It was so refreshing to see this active giggling girl and catching up with her mom!

Here are a few from our fun filled session!


121215000317-0443-Edit (2)





4)  Uh oh!











Baby Anthony

A fellow photographer asked if I could do a newborn session as a gift for thier friend and I jumped at the chance!

It was an absolute pleasure to provide a session for this young family! Little Anthony came into the studio a super sleepy angel, making my job nice and easy! We were able to pull off a great series of shots in the first 1/2 hour!

Here are a few from my session with Anthony!


















121103032703-7828-Edit (2)


My Photobook is finished!

After a request from my Mum, I put together a photo book from my 2010-2012 adventures in aurora photography! It was a long road to get it done, but pushed through to get a good deal! ;) Love how it all came together! Here is the finished book!


Click here to view this photo book larger

The new way to make a photo album: photo books by Shutterfly.



Baby Sophia!

Oh how I love these little newborns!! Had another wonderful weekend photographing baby Sophia! Took some time to get her into a deep sleep, but once we did she was a perfect little angel! What an absolute doll! 

1) Sleeping Beauty!



2) Finally got to use my new backdrops and the GORGEOUS bed my Father in Law made!



3) Too CUTE!



4) Reminds me of Austin Powers...but she is 500 times cuter! ;)



5) The little details, such a sweetheart! Was a pleasure working with you Sophia!


March 15, 2012 Aurora Timelapse

Finished the timelapse from Thursday night...

Best viewed in 1280 x 720, select the gear on the bar at the bottom of the video and select the quality.



March 15th Auroras

Another crazy late night, but I call it LIVING!

Loving these flares that are causing such beautiful and stormy skies! The lights were a little slow to start, mainly because of one band of cloud cover that cleared near midnight. A beautiful night (in the + degree temps)proved to be a success, was a great night with a few members of the Manitoba Foto Friends Forum! The coyotes and owls made their presence known by howling and hooting into the night! Those coyotes sounded like they were getting closer and closer, but a good thing they did not show up in person! ;) Think it is time to invest in some bear spray for these late night jaunts!

Here are a few from the night, I plan on working on the timelapse this weekend and should have something by Monday. There was lots of movement in the sky, so think it will look awesome!!

1) One of my favs of the night! So many spikes!

2) Love the fisheye! Thanks again for the sale Dave!

3) Nice line of Aurora!

4) One of the last of the night, TONS of reds!

More can be seen by going to my flickr page.


There are going to be some AMAZING NORTHERN LIGHTS tonight, stay tuned for pics!

Aurora borealis - Winter at Sandy Bay

Once again we were treated to an amazing display of dancing lights and beautiful colours out at Sandy Bay, MB near Victoria Beach! Same location as our last auroras! We have had a beautiful winter and it was a great feeling to be able to spend it out on a frozen lake protect from the wind with a temp of -8 degrees celsius watching the greens, yellows and reds dance!! The pictures speak for themselves, WHAT A DISPLAY!

Here is a Timelapse from the evening as well! I set up my backup camera and let it go while I wandered around with the other! There was a great group of photographers from the group with me too, which made the experience even better! Thanks for the company and use of the fisheye!

Hope you enjoy and if anyone is interested in purchasing a print, please contact me at

1) That is me...feeling very small!




4) The reds were incredible!!!




7) This was one of the last shots of the evening at 1:30am. What a display!


More can be viewed on My Flickr Account

Northern Lights in Southern Manitoba

Wow, we were treated to an awe inspiring Northern Lights Show on Friday Night and early Saturday morning!

My sister in law and I headed out to Victoria Beach hoping to see some Northern Lights, we had no idea what we were in store for! They were the best Northern Lights down here I have ever seen! After 21 years up north, I have only seen a handful of NL shows better than this!

Even after they slowed down to a green hue, we could look up and see a wave of green flowing through the sky, absolutely beautiful!

Here are a few from the night! Hope you enjoy and if anyone is interested in purchasing a print, please contact me at









More can be viewed on My Flickr Account

Storm Chasing Day 6

Day 6

We got up in the morning and met for the usual time...10am! We did our Miller analysis and it did not look all that promising as there was a high cap that would have had to have been overcome in order to generate any super cells! We all determined that the North East of CO would be the ideal place to go if the cap could be overcome.

So off we went and at 11am it was already 27 degrees celcius...we knew it would be a warm one! By mid afternoon it was 35 or 36 degrees! So when we did stop to wait for the storms to roll in, we took shade whereever possible...sometimes it was in the vans! It was a hot dry day...which was not good for our storm good, but dry was bad!

We made it through to Fort Morgan Co,had lunch and waited out the cap issues. We started heading to Chadron for our final evening, but had noticed one storm that had started to form was actually breaking through the cap and starting for form a small super cell! At this time the sun was starting to set, so it made a very beautiful setting for our last day!

We arrived in Chadron around 1:30 am and have to get up for 6! Yikes it is going to be a long day! We are still not sure about what is happening with the travel...I think we are driving home, dropping off those that need to go home, then if the storm that was predicted for ND comes true for Thursday we will be hitting the road again!

Here are a few from the day!

1 Some local ants chowing on a cranberry John gave them.

2 Chillin in the shade while waiting for the storms








Storm Chasing Day 5

Day 5

Well not a lot to say for Day 5...except one VERY exciting bit of info...discussed below! We had a down day to reposition ourselves for Tuesday!

We travelled from our pit stop in Beatrice, Nebraska and travelled to the West to Sidney Nebraska! Not a lot to say...we took it easy played some football did a little shopping and had an early night!

The one exciting thing that happened yesterday was seeing the TIV2 outside our hotel when we go up and going for the day! Everyone posed, modelled and jumped from it! We even did our group shot in front of it! It was awesome, they even left it open so everyone could get a good look inside! Very neat to see!

Here are the really the only pics from the day! Not sure exactly where we are off to today, but it looks like we are heading to Colorado. I dont think we will be back in time for work on Thursday! Uh Oh!

 1 Me with the TIV2



Storm Chasing Day 4

Day 4

Wow, what an exciting day! 2 Tornado warning in different areas...well technically there were 2 separate warnings in the 2 different areas! Lots of rotation in the upper levels of the atmosphere and some at the lower levels as well! The instructors kept us VERY safe the whole time, in fact most of my pics yesterday of the wall clouds were from inside the vehicle as we were getting out of dodge in order to avoid the 3 inch hail that was coming our way.

OK, lets start from the beginning! 

The storms started early Sunday morning with a thunderstorm early on including hail! We watched from the hotel room as we were getting ready for the day! We were given the miller analysis assignments as we hopped into the vans and set off from Chardon,Nebraska. We all noticed that the maps were looking very odd...which was for good reason! Things were very unstabe and tempuratures and dew points were off the charts in some areas which added to the boiling that was going to happen during the day!

We headed south east and were watching the radar very carefully. It wasnt long before there was a severe thunderstorm warning. So the chase was on! we drove by and saw the AMAZING wall cloud that had formed! What a sight to see! As mentioned before, we kept out of it in order to stay out of the crazy hail that was being produced out of these storms! I feel bad for the cows and horses that get hit by these storms...although some know to take shelter and do so or huddle in groups! It is quite a sight to watch them gather!

Our next big adventure of the day was near Seward, Nebraska and on into Beatrice (where we spent the night). Driving through Seward the Tornado sirens were blaring and on the radar it was clearly a hook shaped super cell! There was low cloud cover so we could not see it that well, but was amazing to be in the situation! Apparently there was high and low level rotation and it was getting too dark to keep following and decided to hunker down in the town for the night! We found an awesome hotel for the night (Holiday Inn Express) for the cheapest yet!  Nicest BY FAR!!!  When we checked into the hotel the tornado sirens were going off here as well and apparently a funnel had been spotted just North of the city...too bad it was not daylight!!! We went out in the evening again for a lightning hunt and found some not too far from Beatrice! 2 am sleep I dont think I have ever gotten this little sleep but still felt so alive!!!

Day 5 should be a quiet one, but you never know!!!

1 The first wall cloud we spotted today






Storm Chasing Day 3


Day 3 started off late, no big rush as we were sticking around the area. We got ready then met at the Hot Springs Dollar Inn hotel , then made our way to the Super 8 where we met the rest of the crew (could not get 7 rooms).  We talked about what we saw the day before and then proceeded to do the analysis for the day!
We all decided that anywhere between Rapid City SD down to Valentine NE was a good place to be to catch a good storm, however it was not expected to hit till about 3pm in the afternoon.We had left early due to a parade going on in the street for the bikers that were in town and the state miss America pagent that was going on. Almost every vendor in town had a bunch of portraits of candidates for certain pagents in their windows! I didn’t realize that it was such a big deal here in the states!
We started out and made out way to Hermosa and watch some cells forming. However due to a strong cap the storms quickly fizzled out! This was not something that was expected!
We headed further south into Shannon County (too cool) lol, in the hopes of catching something and came across a nice formation (bow line) with a nice shelf cloud on it.
We made it into Pipeline(scary place as there were parents putting their 3 year old into the back of a pickup truck with their 6 year old sister and driving off!!!), Wounded knee and Porcupine SD before heading into NE to bunk down for the night. We had some amazing lighting shows on the way there and even stopped on the side of the road for some shots!
We made it to the hotel around 10:30, settled in, went for dinner (another McDonalds meal...blech) and then a few of us headed West 15 mins to take some pics of lightning! Got an awesome show and everyone was scared as the lightning was literally all around us and even over us! We stayed in the van somewhat in order to avoid getting hit!
What a thrill this trip has been so far! Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!









Storm Chasing day 2

Day 2 – Storm Chasing Adventure

Was another long haul (2500 kms over 2 days), but should be the last one for a while. A very active trip so far!
We hit 4 different states yesterday from Montana to Wyoming to Nebraska to South Dakota! The scenery is just beautiful out here! I guess anything is a nice change what you see every day, but to see the hills and mountains it really is majestic...especially when there is a HUGE looming thunderstorm over head!
So all in all yesterday produced a nice Supercell over Casper Wyoming, which keep growing and moving to far for us to catch, but grew to over 61000 ft in the atmosphere!  The Mammatus on this one was amazing, I have never seen such well defined and long lasting (1.5 hours) Mammatus before.
We also hit a left mover carrying a boat load of hail. We actually ended up going through some of the hail which had sizes from pea and dime size hail to some over the size of a loonie!
We moved onto Rapid City where we caught a classic supercell and was able to make out all the details of the storm and was able to point out specific terms that we had learnt in class...beaver tail, downdraft flank, inflow, rain core...etc. This one even showed a definite hook on the radar, so we were hoping for a tornado, but it quickly burned out!
Today we are hoping for some more....we still need to do the analysis, but I think we are sticking around the black hills today!

A few from the day:








Storm Chasing Day 1

Well, Day one of my Storm Chasing Adventure is coming to a close. It is now 12:30am here in Billings,MT!

We started the day at 6am meeting at the UofM parking lot and then prepping the vans for travel! We got on the road around 7am and barely stopped along the today consisted of a sandwich (ham and case you were wondering! lol), a mini pizza, chips, cashews and a bunch of water! 

The van consists of myself, 4 other students and one of the instructors...we are the ThreatNet!

We had one small delay in Minot due to the flooding...and BOY ARE THEY FLOODING!!!! Feel bad for them! Hope it does not get worse. Was about a 45 min delay in a traffic backup as they were working on getting sandbags and such set up on the side of the road.

One of our other stops included Malta...this causes another minor delay as one of the vans were filled with a third of a tank of diesel. They managed to get a hose and a barrel to dump it into, but in the end it did not work and they filled the rest of the tank with regular gas.

 Just south of Malta is where we caught the shelf cloud! It was one of several storm cells on the radar! Was a blast to see it coming in so fast and powerful! When it hit we had winds of 75km per hour at us. Then the rain hit as well. Amazing lightning went along with it, only managed to get a couple, but was promised this was only the beginning!  I will be working on a timelapse of that shelf cloud and am hoping to post in the next couple of days!The excitement is still building and cannot wait to see what tomorrow has in store! Maybe SD or NE, we shall see!

Here are a few from the day!

 1 Some of the flooding in Minot. So many homes under water! So sad!

2 Shelf cloud

3 The shelf cloud moving in

4 Section of the Shelf cloud!

5 Lightning from the van window

6 Gorgeous, gorgeous scenary!! Rolling hills, gulleys and more...simply beautiful



Aurora at Lester Beach

Wow, what a great night! Headed out to Lester Beach Manitoba last night with my sister in law and another new photographer! Was a beautiful night, 10 degrees, nice breeze, peaceful area, no clouds and even better...NO BUGS!!!!

Mother nature was in full bloom last night with her Northern Lights! Mostly green hues, but every now and then when in her dancing glory there were hints of pink! They came out around 11 and lasted strong for about an hour or so. They got stronger again around 12:50 for about another hour, when we left at 2 they were still going. Amazing what a solar flare can do! Science is amazing!

It is nights like these that make you reflect in the beauty of it all! Made me miss the north and the beauty we had around us every day! In the next couple of years I need to make my way up there again and take it all in!

Here is a video that I made from 42 images in a 20 minute time frame from my secondary camera.


 Here are a few pics from the night!






Baby Jordynn

What a great day yesterday, I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Baby Jordynn! At only 9 days old, she is such a beautiful little girl! She was very cooperative and a trooper with all the posing and clothing changes!

Huge thanks and congrats to Amanda and Jared!

I was also excited to be able to use my new-old scale, she was barely small enough to fit on it! lol Love the results though!

I am still processing the rest of them, but here are a few from the day!

1)  Introducing Jordynn, Winnipegs youngest Hocky Fan!

2) Sleeping Beauty!

3) A Movie Star in the making!

4) Safe and Happy in Daddys Hands

5) Love the scale, model and results!



6) Congrats on such a beautiful family!


New Gallery is Now LIVE!!!

I have been wanting to update my Portfolio for a while now, as it is very time consuming and frustrating to update. So I have now integrated a Flash Gallery to allow for easy simple updates and 6 organized galleries to choose from! Please take a look at I hope you like the improvements, if you do, please comment and let me know! :)


Coloured Smoke and Dancing Paint

This weekend I tried my hand at a new style of photography and it was so much fun! I love how the smoke shots and paint drops came out, hope you enjoy!















Baby Lia

Two weeks ago, I had the honour of photographing another newborn, Baby Lia! She was born on Boxing Day, what a sweet baby and a great family! I was thrilled to be able to not only photograph another newborn, but a GIRL!! I went a little overboard on some new photo props and clothing, but she was worth it and she looked adorable in the little outfits, as you can see from the pictures below! Huge thanks to Sunflower Girls Boutique  for selling and lending me the adorable outfits (like the flower petal tutu seen in #1) and my friends Mom Pat who made me my first Stork Bag! The whole family came by, which was great! I was able to get a few sibling shots as well as a couple family pics!  What a gorgeous family!

Thank-you Steph, Barry, Hayley, Kieran and of course little Lia!














A cold morning at Fort Whyte Alive

It was a cool, but beautiful  morning out at Fort Whyte Alive today! I was lucky enough to connect with my old friend John, he showed me all the popular winter areas! It was amazing how many deer were there, right at the entrance of the park...there had to be atleast 30 or more out in the open feeding and in the bushes hanging out and relaxing...till we got there! ;)

It was nice to get out in the fresh air and walk around the park again! I was a little disappointed in some of the images, they were not as sharp as I was hoping they would be, but it was what it was! :) I just have to do that more often to get more practice in!

Here are a few of the ones I really liked, hope you do to!

You can visit my Photobucket site to view larger images!

1) This is one of my favs from the day!


2) This is a comical one


3)  This is a young one that wanted to model for me!


4)  A buck that was hanging around! He has quite the stature!


5)  Loved the composition of this one, wish the focus was a bit better though! :)


6)  A Downy feeding!


Christmas in Niagara

In 1999, my family and I put together a Time Capsule to celebrate the new Millennium! We each wrote a letter and put it inside and between my sister and myself we gathered different items to put into the canister, We had decided that in 2010 we would go somewhere for Christmas as a family and open the Time Capsule.

So early in 2010, my sister had the idea of Niagara Falls. We found a house to rent for a few days in Niagara on Lake (Heritage Trail Cottage) and made our way out there on December 24th!

Although we got a little lost on the way out of Toronto, it all worked out for the best as we found ourselves directly under the CN Tower. I had never been to Toronto (other than the airport), so it was fun to see downtown Toronto!

After finding our way onto the QEW, we stopped in a little town on the way to eat and in St.Catherines for groceries and liquor. We were determined to have a traditional Christmas dinner (not our typical traditional meal...which would be Ribs and Potato Salad), so we picked up a turkey, mashed potatoes and all the fixings! It turned out great!

We drove past several Estates and Wineries on the way to the house and was in awe at all the beautiful houses and the amount of wineries in the area!

The house was a large house with 4 large bedrooms (2 up and 2 down), 3 living areas ( 2 up and 1 down), fireplace, large kitchen and 2 bathrooms. It was very cozy and just the right size for the 7 of us.

In our travels we had dinner over looking Niagara Falls at The Keg, watched fireworks over the American side of the falls, had a visit from Santa, went up the Skylon Tower, saw a  short 4D movie on the falls, walked along the Falls sidewalk, took pics at the Generating station, toured Niagara on the Lake and visited the Butterfly Conservatory, Bird Kingdom and went wine tasting at Pillittery. Was a fun filled adventure!

Here are a few from the trip that have been processed. Family pics, falls and generating station will be the next ones processed. 

There are lots of others that can be viewed at

1)  Fireworks at the Falls

2)  Fireworks over the Falls

3) Butterfly Conservatory


4) Butterfly Conservatory


5) Butterfly Conservatory

6) Bird Kingdom an Albino Java Sparrow

7) Bird Kingdom, Golden Pheasant

8) Bird Kingdom, Zebra Finches in love


9) Iguana at Bird Kingdom


10) Bats at Bird Kingdom

Marques Baby Shoot

Wow, things have been SUPER busy lately! Family shoots, a wedding (my first) and my first baby shoot! I have loved doing them all!

This is little Julius! He is so adorable and I was lucky enough to be able to work with this fantastic itty bitty model and his family!!

I am very happy with the results and cannot wait to do more!

#1 Mom and Son





#6 A little something for halloween! :)




Waddell Family

It was a VERY hot,  Mid August afternoon in Winnipeg! 

I had the pleasure of working with one of my childhood best friends, and her 3 children! I love this family! Not just because of how close we are, but because they are the funnest, quirkiest family I know!

We chose the Manitoba Legislature as the backdrop! Amara was looking for a fun family picture as well as individual pictures of each of the kids to convert to black and white. They came prepared with some of their own ideas for poses, they also had fun interrpreting some of mine!

We were all desperate for water by the end of the shoot from the heat, but we all survived and had a lot of fun! 

I  hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed taking the photos!














Hummingbird Galore and more...

On Sunday Morning, after a wonderful breakfast with my Mum, I headed over to the English Gardens! There were rabbits, TONS of birds, bees and more! BUT the one bird I wanted to see and capture is the little hummingbird! These have got to be my favorite bird as they are so small, cute and FAST!

Learned a few things this day...

1) Bees store their pollen on their leg...who woulda thunk it! See the band of orange on the leg in the pics below!

2) My camera/lens is not as fast as the hummingbirds wings! What does this mean...a new camera/lens coming soon?!?!?!

3) Never watch a fellow photographers equipment for a few never know what will happen!!! Yikes...around me apprantely it will happen! lol...everything was fine though, thank-goodness!

Here are my pics from Sunday in the English Gardens, hope you enjoy as much as I did taking them in the rain!

1) Here is one BIG bee! This bee was so big the flower was bending over, the picture does not do it justice! Check out the orange band on his leg, this the pollen!


3) This female mallard was hanging out in the pond with a few others...waiting for food! Too bad I didnt have any, maybe next time!

4) Hummingbird at rest

5) Relaxing in the rain!

6) More relaxin





10) I think this one is my fav....she got lazy trying to she perched on the branch! lol I have not seen them land while eating before!

11) Another at rest shot


13) Do you think she is enjoying her dinner...I think so!



A bridge over muddy water!

Last night I went out trying to find more Northern Lights or Lightning since we were supposed to have both...but with the cloud cover there were no Northern Lights and then with the Storms on either side of Winnipeg, there was no lightning.

So instead of wasting a trip for nothing I stayed out and did some light painting and long exposures.

Here are a few from last night

1) Played with the processing on this one to make it dramtic and colourful!


2) Using a flash light to create the rings, the shot reminded me of the Blair Witch Project, so I coloured it blood red!


3) Simple Black and White version

More Northen Lights from Thursday

Went out all three nights in an attempt to get some Northern Lights which were caused by the Solar Flare. 2 out of the 3 nights they showed up.

Tuesday night was the best night for the show! I headed out with a small group from the WPG Photo Community to Patricia Beach, which is about 45 mins North of Winnipeg. On the way there was a nice plume of the lights and got a few shots in before hitting the beach!

Wednesday, my sister in law and I headed out to Pinawa in hope of getting some cool shots, but there was lots of cloud cover and it actually rained on us! lol! It did clear up after 1230am, but there were no signs of Northern Lights! Did a few starscapes that managed to turn out OK.

So on Thursday another member of the WPG Photo Community and I headed out to Birds Hill Park to the little lake out there in hopes to get some reflections on the water! Just before we were about to pack up, they came out...not strong, but they came out for a visit!

It was been a long, but very exciting week! My shots from Tuesday night have appeared on all the local new stations, the Winnipeg Sun, both online and on page 2 of Wednesdays paper, Canada AM and CBC National Online. As of last night I think I have caught up on all the lost sleep! lol! What I wont do for a great picture!

Here are my shots from Thursday Night, hope you enjoy them as much as I do!







Northern Lights Galore

Wow! The Northern Lights were amazing last night! I went out with a local photography group around 10pm and did not come back till after 2am. We went down 59 to Patricia Beach! Got some great shots and at one point they were so colourful and were dancing like mad that it reminded me of back home in Thompson! I think I definitely have to make more visits up there to get some great northern shots!

Here are my shots from last night...hope you enjoy!














Red River Ex Fireworks and Rides

Went out to the Winnipeg Red River Ex last night with a group from the local photo community! Had a blast getting some great pics of the rides as well as the Fireworks that were cancelled from the previous weekend! Hope you enjoy them!

1) My fav from the night





6) Starship 4000

7) Starship 4000

8) Pharaohs Fury

9) Fire Ball

10) Fire Ball

The Motkaluk Boys

Monday June 14, what a beautiful day to be taking portraits!

 I was lucky enough to have a photoshoot with a beautiful family, the Motkaluk family. Paula was kind enough to ask me to take some casual shotsof her 2 adorable sons, Luke and Thomas, for a present for her husband for Fathers day. So we headed out to St.Vital park for a evening photoshoot.

I had fun watching and shooting, while the boys feed bread to the geese and ducks. Luke loved it, however Thomas had other thoughts for the bread and was not willing to share with the birds! It was a good thing the bread was nice and fresh! :) heehee
After all the hard work of putting up with me and Mom coaching them on different poses, and where to go next, we headed to the park for a little fun and some more shots!  Was a great ending to a great photoshoot.

Here are some of my favorites from the evening.

1) A couple of Tree Huggers

2) Luke Climbing a tree


3) Thomas doing the same

4) Luke feeding the geese

5) Thomas watching the geese, while munching on some good bread


7) Luke hanging around upside down

8) Thomas being goofy

The Molnars

It has been a little bit since my last post, and since the weather has been so cloudy and rainy, I thought it would be a perfect time to catch up on some of my posts! This is not just any post, but this is one of my most recent portrait shoots with the Molnar Family!

Chris, Susie, Katie and Anna were kind enough to invite me into their home for a fun and casual portrait session! They were looking for a family portrait as well as personal and sisterly shots of the girls! Katie of course had her own ideas, which I just loved, one of her dancing pictures is featured below! 

So many favorites from the day, here are a few pictured below! Hope you enjoy and much as I did taking them with this wonderful family!

1) The Molnars

2) Katie

3) Anna

4) Katie Upside Down!

5) Katie and Anna...can you tell they are sisters? This is one of my favs! She is reaching out for a hug, but Anna`s face is priceless!

6) Katie and Anna

7) Chris mentioned that this one is one of his favorites! So here it is! Susie, I hope you enjoy it just as much!

8) And last but not least, Chris and Susie! <3



St Vital Park Tonight...the Goslings are out!

I decided to go out to St Vital park tonight in the hopes there were some goslings out. A little disappointed that there were none to be found on the pond, but then I spotted some in the grass and was very happy!! I kept my distance of course, but they were a little spooked (I think by some others around), so off to the nest for them.
They came back again and I was very lucky to be right in their line of sight, so I squated, stayed very still and waited! They came right up next to me! 

1)  My favorite out of the set



4) Running to catch up with the others


6) This little one hung out with Mom, making sure to not stray far



9) Spooked by the Dogs it was time to hurry up and make a run for it!


11) Family pic! 12 that is one big family!


12) Single Line now!!!

FWA - May 8th

I had such a great time last weekend, that once again I headed over to Fort Whyte Center! It is so peaceful walking watching for birds and good company!


If you have never been there, you should visit! Enjoy the wildlife and the trails!

A pair of blue winged teal ducks!


A lone turtle his friends came out later!


I found this little chickadee having a snack! If you look close you can see his little tongue!

A little white throated sparrowshowing off for us! :)


Hope you enjoyed this round of wildlife. Hoping the goslings are out next weekend! :)

Fort Whyte Alive Today

Went out with a few members of the Winnipeg Photo Community today to the Fort Whyte Alive center here in Winnipeg. It was a very successful day! We saw some deer and a muskrat as well as several variety of birds (and their eggs) and waterfowl. Here are some of my pics from the day! Hope you enjoy!

1) Geese Eggs, the female laid her eggs VERY close to the path! I just hope she does not get spooked by the people walking by!

2) One of my favs from the day, this is the mother of the eggs above.


4) A squirrel was showing off for us as well! He wanted his picture taken too!

5) The muskrat that we came across! He was very hungry!



7) Getting an ear full from her mate!

 8) A red winged black bird


9) Mother keeping her eggs warm!


10)  My pano of the nice reflection!

St.Lucia Day 1

Well I am finally getting to processing my pictures from St.Lucia. Here is the start of them including the trip to Toronto and the flight to St.Lucia!

1) The Jazz plane very similar to the one we were on waiting to take off!


2) Winnipeg downtown from the air

3) Toronto downtown during landing

4) In the air

 5) Somewhere over the ocean on our way to St.Lucia

6) A view of the carribian from the air.

7) Excited to go snorkeling, we watched the on board Marine video!

8) Landing in St .Lucia

St.Lucia Zip Line Run

Zip Lining in St. Lucia

Doughnut Thief

Today was an indoor day doing several things! During one of my many breaks from processing my trip pictures I made doughnuts! Only once they were made I found trouble...a thief! There right in the middle of my fresh baked doughnuts I found something trying to steal my doughnuts!!!


#1 My Doughnuts

#2 The Thief has been spotted

#3 Oh No! The thief got a doughnut!!!

Plane Light Show

On our way back from Montreal yesterday it was pretty late and since I was using a Point and Shoot camera in the plane, it was really hard to get a decent steady shot without using a tripod. So what did I do? I had fun with the light, here are some of the experiments with lights at the airport!

Greetings from St Lucia

Hi All,

It has been has been a great vacaction! We have both done a lot and seen a lot on our little adventure! From seeing the drive in volcano with all its bubbling gases to the beatiful botanical gardens to the Diamond waterfall with water tempuratures equal to body tempurature to snorkeling in the ocean to zip lining 150 feet over the tropical rain forest to a beautiful beach wedding to deepn sea fishing and EVERYTHING in between! The food at Sandals Regency has been very flavourful and amazing as well. We have eaten like a King and Queen with Filet Minon that is to die for almost every night!

We were able to see some of the culture and learn about the island and its people. On one of our tours we were each given different fruit fresh from the trees. :) Yum! The mango and cocoa beans were SOOOOO good! There are 169,000 people living on the island and all of them live on the exterior of the island. Most of the interior is lush rainforest and park land.

Here are a few pictures from the resort and zip lining adventures. I will try to post the zip line video as soon as I can!

One of the several pools at the resort


My new little lizard freind :)

One of the suspension bridges during the zip lining

New Flowers

HI All,

I was given a beautiful bouquet of flowers (Alstroemeria) from my Mother-in-law which of course means another photography opportunity! I hope you enjoy! I have applied several different styles because I could not decide which ones I liked best! :) Hope you enjoy and feel free to add your comments! I would love to hear which ones you liked best.

1)  (normal), 2)  (selective tones)


3)  (norm) 4)  (acid) 5)  (b&w)

6)  (norm) 7)  (b&w)

8)  (selective tones)

9)  (normal) 10)  (selective tones)

11)  (acid)

12)  (norm) 13)  (aged) 14)

15)  (norm) 16)  (acid)

17)  (b&w) 18)  (selective tone)

Spring is Here!!!!

Spring is finally here!

I saw my first flock of geese this morning and I must say it was very refreshing! I know today was not the warmest in Winnipeg but it is a real sign that there is winter relief! :)

In an effort to do some spring cleaning I have added some new pictures and have added my copyright to all the pictures in the gallery! If anyone is interested in any of the pictures as a gift card or print, the copyright will not be there! :)

So please feel free to browse my portfolio for the latest updates!

Welcome to Spring and keep an eye out for new pictures coming soon!!!

February 24, 2010...WELCOME!!!

Welcome to Signature Exposures blog!

Stay tuned for updates including new photos, photoshoots, events and everything photo related!

Thanks for visiting and come back soon!