Aurora at Lester Beach

Wow, what a great night! Headed out to Lester Beach Manitoba last night with my sister in law and another new photographer! Was a beautiful night, 10 degrees, nice breeze, peaceful area, no clouds and even better...NO BUGS!!!!

Mother nature was in full bloom last night with her Northern Lights! Mostly green hues, but every now and then when in her dancing glory there were hints of pink! They came out around 11 and lasted strong for about an hour or so. They got stronger again around 12:50 for about another hour, when we left at 2 they were still going. Amazing what a solar flare can do! Science is amazing!

It is nights like these that make you reflect in the beauty of it all! Made me miss the north and the beauty we had around us every day! In the next couple of years I need to make my way up there again and take it all in!

Here is a video that I made from 42 images in a 20 minute time frame from my secondary camera.


 Here are a few pics from the night!