Storm Chasing Day 1

Well, Day one of my Storm Chasing Adventure is coming to a close. It is now 12:30am here in Billings,MT!

We started the day at 6am meeting at the UofM parking lot and then prepping the vans for travel! We got on the road around 7am and barely stopped along the today consisted of a sandwich (ham and case you were wondering! lol), a mini pizza, chips, cashews and a bunch of water! 

The van consists of myself, 4 other students and one of the instructors...we are the ThreatNet!

We had one small delay in Minot due to the flooding...and BOY ARE THEY FLOODING!!!! Feel bad for them! Hope it does not get worse. Was about a 45 min delay in a traffic backup as they were working on getting sandbags and such set up on the side of the road.

One of our other stops included Malta...this causes another minor delay as one of the vans were filled with a third of a tank of diesel. They managed to get a hose and a barrel to dump it into, but in the end it did not work and they filled the rest of the tank with regular gas.

 Just south of Malta is where we caught the shelf cloud! It was one of several storm cells on the radar! Was a blast to see it coming in so fast and powerful! When it hit we had winds of 75km per hour at us. Then the rain hit as well. Amazing lightning went along with it, only managed to get a couple, but was promised this was only the beginning!  I will be working on a timelapse of that shelf cloud and am hoping to post in the next couple of days!The excitement is still building and cannot wait to see what tomorrow has in store! Maybe SD or NE, we shall see!

Here are a few from the day!

 1 Some of the flooding in Minot. So many homes under water! So sad!

2 Shelf cloud

3 The shelf cloud moving in

4 Section of the Shelf cloud!

5 Lightning from the van window

6 Gorgeous, gorgeous scenary!! Rolling hills, gulleys and more...simply beautiful