Storm Chasing day 2

Day 2 – Storm Chasing Adventure

Was another long haul (2500 kms over 2 days), but should be the last one for a while. A very active trip so far!
We hit 4 different states yesterday from Montana to Wyoming to Nebraska to South Dakota! The scenery is just beautiful out here! I guess anything is a nice change what you see every day, but to see the hills and mountains it really is majestic...especially when there is a HUGE looming thunderstorm over head!
So all in all yesterday produced a nice Supercell over Casper Wyoming, which keep growing and moving to far for us to catch, but grew to over 61000 ft in the atmosphere!  The Mammatus on this one was amazing, I have never seen such well defined and long lasting (1.5 hours) Mammatus before.
We also hit a left mover carrying a boat load of hail. We actually ended up going through some of the hail which had sizes from pea and dime size hail to some over the size of a loonie!
We moved onto Rapid City where we caught a classic supercell and was able to make out all the details of the storm and was able to point out specific terms that we had learnt in class...beaver tail, downdraft flank, inflow, rain core...etc. This one even showed a definite hook on the radar, so we were hoping for a tornado, but it quickly burned out!
Today we are hoping for some more....we still need to do the analysis, but I think we are sticking around the black hills today!

A few from the day: