Storm Chasing Day 3


Day 3 started off late, no big rush as we were sticking around the area. We got ready then met at the Hot Springs Dollar Inn hotel , then made our way to the Super 8 where we met the rest of the crew (could not get 7 rooms).  We talked about what we saw the day before and then proceeded to do the analysis for the day!
We all decided that anywhere between Rapid City SD down to Valentine NE was a good place to be to catch a good storm, however it was not expected to hit till about 3pm in the afternoon.We had left early due to a parade going on in the street for the bikers that were in town and the state miss America pagent that was going on. Almost every vendor in town had a bunch of portraits of candidates for certain pagents in their windows! I didn’t realize that it was such a big deal here in the states!
We started out and made out way to Hermosa and watch some cells forming. However due to a strong cap the storms quickly fizzled out! This was not something that was expected!
We headed further south into Shannon County (too cool) lol, in the hopes of catching something and came across a nice formation (bow line) with a nice shelf cloud on it.
We made it into Pipeline(scary place as there were parents putting their 3 year old into the back of a pickup truck with their 6 year old sister and driving off!!!), Wounded knee and Porcupine SD before heading into NE to bunk down for the night. We had some amazing lighting shows on the way there and even stopped on the side of the road for some shots!
We made it to the hotel around 10:30, settled in, went for dinner (another McDonalds meal...blech) and then a few of us headed West 15 mins to take some pics of lightning! Got an awesome show and everyone was scared as the lightning was literally all around us and even over us! We stayed in the van somewhat in order to avoid getting hit!
What a thrill this trip has been so far! Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!