Storm Chasing Day 4

Day 4

Wow, what an exciting day! 2 Tornado warning in different areas...well technically there were 2 separate warnings in the 2 different areas! Lots of rotation in the upper levels of the atmosphere and some at the lower levels as well! The instructors kept us VERY safe the whole time, in fact most of my pics yesterday of the wall clouds were from inside the vehicle as we were getting out of dodge in order to avoid the 3 inch hail that was coming our way.

OK, lets start from the beginning! 

The storms started early Sunday morning with a thunderstorm early on including hail! We watched from the hotel room as we were getting ready for the day! We were given the miller analysis assignments as we hopped into the vans and set off from Chardon,Nebraska. We all noticed that the maps were looking very odd...which was for good reason! Things were very unstabe and tempuratures and dew points were off the charts in some areas which added to the boiling that was going to happen during the day!

We headed south east and were watching the radar very carefully. It wasnt long before there was a severe thunderstorm warning. So the chase was on! we drove by and saw the AMAZING wall cloud that had formed! What a sight to see! As mentioned before, we kept out of it in order to stay out of the crazy hail that was being produced out of these storms! I feel bad for the cows and horses that get hit by these storms...although some know to take shelter and do so or huddle in groups! It is quite a sight to watch them gather!

Our next big adventure of the day was near Seward, Nebraska and on into Beatrice (where we spent the night). Driving through Seward the Tornado sirens were blaring and on the radar it was clearly a hook shaped super cell! There was low cloud cover so we could not see it that well, but was amazing to be in the situation! Apparently there was high and low level rotation and it was getting too dark to keep following and decided to hunker down in the town for the night! We found an awesome hotel for the night (Holiday Inn Express) for the cheapest yet!  Nicest BY FAR!!!  When we checked into the hotel the tornado sirens were going off here as well and apparently a funnel had been spotted just North of the city...too bad it was not daylight!!! We went out in the evening again for a lightning hunt and found some not too far from Beatrice! 2 am sleep I dont think I have ever gotten this little sleep but still felt so alive!!!

Day 5 should be a quiet one, but you never know!!!

1 The first wall cloud we spotted today