Storm Chasing Day 5

Day 5

Well not a lot to say for Day 5...except one VERY exciting bit of info...discussed below! We had a down day to reposition ourselves for Tuesday!

We travelled from our pit stop in Beatrice, Nebraska and travelled to the West to Sidney Nebraska! Not a lot to say...we took it easy played some football did a little shopping and had an early night!

The one exciting thing that happened yesterday was seeing the TIV2 outside our hotel when we go up and going for the day! Everyone posed, modelled and jumped from it! We even did our group shot in front of it! It was awesome, they even left it open so everyone could get a good look inside! Very neat to see!

Here are the really the only pics from the day! Not sure exactly where we are off to today, but it looks like we are heading to Colorado. I dont think we will be back in time for work on Thursday! Uh Oh!

 1 Me with the TIV2