Storm Chasing Day 6

Day 6

We got up in the morning and met for the usual time...10am! We did our Miller analysis and it did not look all that promising as there was a high cap that would have had to have been overcome in order to generate any super cells! We all determined that the North East of CO would be the ideal place to go if the cap could be overcome.

So off we went and at 11am it was already 27 degrees celcius...we knew it would be a warm one! By mid afternoon it was 35 or 36 degrees! So when we did stop to wait for the storms to roll in, we took shade whereever possible...sometimes it was in the vans! It was a hot dry day...which was not good for our storm good, but dry was bad!

We made it through to Fort Morgan Co,had lunch and waited out the cap issues. We started heading to Chadron for our final evening, but had noticed one storm that had started to form was actually breaking through the cap and starting for form a small super cell! At this time the sun was starting to set, so it made a very beautiful setting for our last day!

We arrived in Chadron around 1:30 am and have to get up for 6! Yikes it is going to be a long day! We are still not sure about what is happening with the travel...I think we are driving home, dropping off those that need to go home, then if the storm that was predicted for ND comes true for Thursday we will be hitting the road again!

Here are a few from the day!

1 Some local ants chowing on a cranberry John gave them.

2 Chillin in the shade while waiting for the storms