Aurora borealis - Winter at Sandy Bay

Once again we were treated to an amazing display of dancing lights and beautiful colours out at Sandy Bay, MB near Victoria Beach! Same location as our last auroras! We have had a beautiful winter and it was a great feeling to be able to spend it out on a frozen lake protect from the wind with a temp of -8 degrees celsius watching the greens, yellows and reds dance!! The pictures speak for themselves, WHAT A DISPLAY!

Here is a Timelapse from the evening as well! I set up my backup camera and let it go while I wandered around with the other! There was a great group of photographers from the group with me too, which made the experience even better! Thanks for the company and use of the fisheye!

Hope you enjoy and if anyone is interested in purchasing a print, please contact me at

1) That is me...feeling very small!




4) The reds were incredible!!!




7) This was one of the last shots of the evening at 1:30am. What a display!


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