Aurora & Meteor - A night to remember


Thank you everyone for the kind words! I am overwhelmed and humbled by the response to the meteor image! If anyone is interested in prints, please send me an email to with what size, format (print, metallic print, mounted or canvas) and where they live to get accurate shipping charges.
At this time I will not be releasing a desktop background image, but may consider it in the future. If interested please email me.
Thanks Again!

WOW! What an incredible night!

I met a few members from a local astronomy club out at Patricia Beach Friday night with the hopes to see the Northern Lights! I got more than I bargained for!

As others were packing up, at 11pm, the Aurora were starting to make a real presence! I just happened to hit the shutter button and WOW there was a bright streak of blue light which turned bright green while the meteor exploded! It was quite the sight to see and even more exciting to have it all captured on my Nikon D800! Astronomy members were telling me just how special it was to see, even more so with the aurora and amazing to capture!

A shot of a lifetime for me, I am certain!

1) Aurora & a Meteor


 2) Aurora


 3) Aurora & Big Dipper


 Thanks for viewing! :)