It has been a while since I last posted  to my blog, but am hoping to do more of that this year (Think I say that every year! Ha!)!

2013 was an exciting year photographically speaking and am looking forward to expanding my horizons in 2014 with more learning, marketing, storm chasing and meeting new people and clients!  Thank you to everyone who made 2013 a successful year for me and my business! Without out my clients, support of friends and family, it would not have been possible! 

As exciting as the year was, towards the end of 2013 I was craving something fun, new, different, creative and something of my own! After some research and inspiration online, my interest was peaked and I found figures!! So...since I don’t do things in small steps...I jumped in full bore and purchased a whole bunch of mini figures online (not cheap, but worth it)! After a busy Christmas season, I have finally been able to get into the swing of things and play around with these guys and gals and I gotta tell you they are a challenge, but they are SO much fun!

I have only just started getting into this genre of macro people and I realize how much I have to learn and grow in this area...not only lighting, processing, setup, angles, etc, but also patience and taking things slow! Knee pads are definitely on my next purchase list! lol Once we have nicer weather, I look forward to getting them outside and putting them through the paces in various outdoor scenes!

One other thing I have found with this new found love is I have to become very disciplined in deleting images I don’t want. I have already created over 20GB of files putting these guys in different lighting, angles and setups! In order to save on hard drive and back up drive space, it is definitely a requirement!!!

Even though I have not used them all yet, I have ordered a couple of more sets of these guys and there are so many more that I want! These little buggers are just as addictive as photography is!! So many ideas that need to come to fruition!
Keep an eye posted for more coming very soon!

Here are a few initial examples of the first ones I have put together!

1)  In these tight times, you really need to think about your money and watch what you spend! Money Man is a great reminder of this!

2) Olden Days! Reminds me of a loving couple on a warm fall evening in the country!


3) Hearts O’ Plenty! Ever wonder how they get those cinnamon hearts into the bag? Wonder no longer!


4) Manitoba Foto Friends! Our local photography group Manitoba Foto Friends inspired this one! :)