Lighting Workshop Feb 2010

On Saturday after a long week of being ill it was great to get out and have a great day at the Lighting Workshop put on by Dan Harper Photography! It was 4 hours of lecture and shooting. We were given a choice of 2 of 3 stations and 5 minutes at each station with each beautiful model. The two stations I selected were the natural lighting station with Mache and the black backdrop station with Ocean. It was a great day filled with learning shooting and meeting some great people! It was amazing to learn about one participant was from my home town of Thompson and even drove down to Winnipeg that morning and was driving home right after! Amazing, for those who dont know the drive to Thompson is 7 and a half hours one way!

Here are a few of my pictures from the workshop! I hope you enjoy and dont forget to leave a comment if you like any of the pictures because I love to hear all feedback!