New Flowers

HI All,

I was given a beautiful bouquet of flowers (Alstroemeria) from my Mother-in-law which of course means another photography opportunity! I hope you enjoy! I have applied several different styles because I could not decide which ones I liked best! :) Hope you enjoy and feel free to add your comments! I would love to hear which ones you liked best.

1)  (normal), 2)  (selective tones)


3)  (norm) 4)  (acid) 5)  (b&w)

6)  (norm) 7)  (b&w)

8)  (selective tones)

9)  (normal) 10)  (selective tones)

11)  (acid)

12)  (norm) 13)  (aged) 14)

15)  (norm) 16)  (acid)

17)  (b&w) 18)  (selective tone)