Fort Whyte Alive Today

Went out with a few members of the Winnipeg Photo Community today to the Fort Whyte Alive center here in Winnipeg. It was a very successful day! We saw some deer and a muskrat as well as several variety of birds (and their eggs) and waterfowl. Here are some of my pics from the day! Hope you enjoy!

1) Geese Eggs, the female laid her eggs VERY close to the path! I just hope she does not get spooked by the people walking by!

2) One of my favs from the day, this is the mother of the eggs above.


4) A squirrel was showing off for us as well! He wanted his picture taken too!

5) The muskrat that we came across! He was very hungry!



7) Getting an ear full from her mate!

 8) A red winged black bird


9) Mother keeping her eggs warm!


10)  My pano of the nice reflection!