More Northen Lights from Thursday

Went out all three nights in an attempt to get some Northern Lights which were caused by the Solar Flare. 2 out of the 3 nights they showed up.

Tuesday night was the best night for the show! I headed out with a small group from the WPG Photo Community to Patricia Beach, which is about 45 mins North of Winnipeg. On the way there was a nice plume of the lights and got a few shots in before hitting the beach!

Wednesday, my sister in law and I headed out to Pinawa in hope of getting some cool shots, but there was lots of cloud cover and it actually rained on us! lol! It did clear up after 1230am, but there were no signs of Northern Lights! Did a few starscapes that managed to turn out OK.

So on Thursday another member of the WPG Photo Community and I headed out to Birds Hill Park to the little lake out there in hopes to get some reflections on the water! Just before we were about to pack up, they came out...not strong, but they came out for a visit!

It was been a long, but very exciting week! My shots from Tuesday night have appeared on all the local new stations, the Winnipeg Sun, both online and on page 2 of Wednesdays paper, Canada AM and CBC National Online. As of last night I think I have caught up on all the lost sleep! lol! What I wont do for a great picture!

Here are my shots from Thursday Night, hope you enjoy them as much as I do!