Hummingbird Galore and more...

On Sunday Morning, after a wonderful breakfast with my Mum, I headed over to the English Gardens! There were rabbits, TONS of birds, bees and more! BUT the one bird I wanted to see and capture is the little hummingbird! These have got to be my favorite bird as they are so small, cute and FAST!

Learned a few things this day...

1) Bees store their pollen on their leg...who woulda thunk it! See the band of orange on the leg in the pics below!

2) My camera/lens is not as fast as the hummingbirds wings! What does this mean...a new camera/lens coming soon?!?!?!

3) Never watch a fellow photographers equipment for a few never know what will happen!!! Yikes...around me apprantely it will happen! lol...everything was fine though, thank-goodness!

Here are my pics from Sunday in the English Gardens, hope you enjoy as much as I did taking them in the rain!

1) Here is one BIG bee! This bee was so big the flower was bending over, the picture does not do it justice! Check out the orange band on his leg, this the pollen!


3) This female mallard was hanging out in the pond with a few others...waiting for food! Too bad I didnt have any, maybe next time!

4) Hummingbird at rest

5) Relaxing in the rain!

6) More relaxin





10) I think this one is my fav....she got lazy trying to she perched on the branch! lol I have not seen them land while eating before!

11) Another at rest shot


13) Do you think she is enjoying her dinner...I think so!