A cold morning at Fort Whyte Alive

It was a cool, but beautiful  morning out at Fort Whyte Alive today! I was lucky enough to connect with my old friend John, he showed me all the popular winter areas! It was amazing how many deer were there, right at the entrance of the park...there had to be atleast 30 or more out in the open feeding and in the bushes hanging out and relaxing...till we got there! ;)

It was nice to get out in the fresh air and walk around the park again! I was a little disappointed in some of the images, they were not as sharp as I was hoping they would be, but it was what it was! :) I just have to do that more often to get more practice in!

Here are a few of the ones I really liked, hope you do to!

You can visit my Photobucket site to view larger images!

1) This is one of my favs from the day!


2) This is a comical one


3)  This is a young one that wanted to model for me!


4)  A buck that was hanging around! He has quite the stature!


5)  Loved the composition of this one, wish the focus was a bit better though! :)


6)  A Downy feeding!